Saturday, January 5, 2008

Flu, times three

On Sunday, Jack had a mild stomach bug. He had thrown up in his bed in the night, but he seemed to feel perfectly fine so we thought he had just eaten too much on Saturday and was overheated. As such, we let him eat more than we should have on Sunday, and after he finished his dinner, he came over to me and whined and somehow I knew, I just knew, he was about to throw up. And he did. So we changed his clothes, and my clothes, and bathed him and got him all comfy cozy and then he threw up again, and then again. So that was lovely.

Then on Thursday I got it. And that night Andrew got it. And Friday morning, lo and behold, Jack had been sick in his bed again.

So it’s been a fantastic week. Right now, Jack is down for the night (please God) and Andrew and I are high-fiving each other for just getting through the day without dying. We’re all on the mend; Jack had oatmeal and pears for supper and Andrew and I had chicken soup! Exciting! But this is all I can muster for a blog post right now.

I will add one thing more before I sign off: We went to my sister’s on Christmas Eve, and all of my siblings and their families were able to make it. Jack had a wonderful time playing with his many cousins, but about halfway through the evening, he started whining and wouldn’t stop. Andrew finally checked his diaper and I just have this to say: You would whine too if you had nacho chips down your pants.

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