Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not as helpful as you might think

Today at playgroup, I asked Jack if he wanted some more cheese. "Nooooo!" he said, and shook his head.

"Wow!" exclaimed one of the other moms. "That makes thing so much easier! Sophie never answers questions." I should mention here that Sophie is her 12-month-old. I should also mention that last week, they returned to playgroup for the first time in about three months and Sophie stunned us all with her amazing vocabulary and diction. I have never heard such a young child - a baby really - say words so clearly. "Done!" she said. And "book." And "baby." Not "ah-dah" or "buh" or "bay-bay," but the actual English words. There were also reports that she says "poop" when she is about to, so if she is not potty trained by 15 months I'll eat my hat.

But I digress. Sophie's mom exclaimed over how easy my life must be, since Jack is able and willing to tell me "No" when asked if he'd like some more cheese, and I replied.

"The thing is, he probably does want more cheese," and I physically offered him the cheese which he took and ate. "He just says 'No' to all questions by default."

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Sarah said...

So did my son! Only recently, has he started saying "Yeah"-- but sometimes he means "No." And other times, "No" with a head nod certainly means "Yeah." Very confusing-- and really funny.