Sunday, February 3, 2008

Conversation during the Superbowl

There was a commercial for Ontario, Canada which depicted a group of people having drinks around a table made of ice. “Why are they sitting at a table made of ice?” asked Andrew.

“It’s an ice hotel,” I told him. “That’s a thing.”

“An ice hotel?” he said, disbelievingly.

“Yeah,” I said. “Remember in that James Bond movie?”

“The one with Halle Berry?”

“Yeah, at the beginning of the movie they meet in an ice hotel,” I said.

Andrew disagreed. “I remember them meeting when she walked out of the ocean.”

I paused. “Uh… right. Well, maybe it wasn’t the one with Halle Berry, then. Remember the one where he was in the snow?”

“Was it the one with the invisible car?” asked Andrew.

I paused again. “Invisible car? I don’t remember an invisible car.”

“Well, the one with Halle Berry has the invisible car,” he said.

“I have absolutely no memory of an invisible car, but there is a James Bond movie with an ice hotel. They’re real, and they’re a thing.”

“But that’s stupid!” Andrew exclaimed. “Why would anyone go there?”

“So you can tell people you went there,” I said.

“But how do they build them? The whole idea is ridiculous. No matter how cold the air is, the hotel would sublime within five years or so,” he complained.

“They must use igloo technology,” I said, and then had to endure some mocking for the phrase “igloo technology.” “Why don’t you Google it?” I suggested. He did, and, lo and behold, they do use igloo technology. So there.

There was apparently also some football going on during the Superbowl, but neither Andrew nor I are particular fans. In fact, we had a long discussion at the start of the game about how little we know about football. I, for example, had never even heard of Eli Manning until tonight, and, while Andrew did know about Eli, he didn’t know which one was on the Giants and thought they were talking about Peyton.

So football fans we are not, but igloo technology is a discussion we can get behind.


Anonymous said...

Did you watch the last 5 minutes!!!!

Signed, A girl and not a football fan either, but Come on! The huge Giants guy CRIED because they won! And the Manning brothers won two years in a row! And you thought the Pats had it there, didn't you?

(Not logging in so as to avoid shouts of "Blasphemer" since I live in Patriots-land)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, I know a guy who stayed in one of those ice hotels in Scandinavia somewhere. I think he did it just so he could tell everyone about it. Over and over. Gah! Who cares about the ice hotel!

I am also not a football fan, but I knew enough to dislike both quarterbacks and therefore take a principled stance against watching it. Except I happened to be at a Super Bowl party and not watching it was kind of hard. And, I have to agree, the last 5 minutes were pretty cool.

Becca said...

The last five minutes were the only ones worth watching. Which was fortunate because those are the only minutes during which Charlie was in bed.

I think we could be friends with a couple who uses "sublimate" in casual conversation.

Lisa said...

Not knowing the difference between Payton and Eli and not knowing that a Manning was in the Super Bowl until watching the actual game...this classifies you as officially "living under a rock". However, I live with a huge football fan, and although I didn't watch a single game other than the SB this year, I pretty much knew all the major players and records whether I wanted to or not.