Sunday, April 27, 2008

Now THIS is cute

This morning, I was reading the paper at the dining room table and Andrew was watching Star Trek with Jack. Jack got bored with Star Trek’s inexplicable lack of blue clue-leaving dogs, and wandered over to the doorway to poke at the wires running along the wall. “Jack, no! Don’t touch!” said Andrew.

In response, Jack came into the dining room, stood in the corner and counted to six: “One, doo, free, foh-ah, six.” Then he went back to the doorway to shake his finger at the wire and say, “Doh dah!” (Don’t touch!)

In other words, Jack put himself in time out.

He did it a few more times, going back and forth from the wire to the corner. He never touched the wire, he just went near it and said, “No!” and then put himself in time out. He wrapped it all up by throwing in a self-imposed time out for going near the plant he’s not allowed to touch.

As a bonus adorable trick, Jack has added “I fine” to his growing repertoire of words. (And growing really fast as he has entered a “repeat every single sound we make” stage.) As in, “Jack, do you want more beets?” “No. I fine”


Becca said...

That's adorable! Charlie recently "got" that some things are not allowed. He accidentally swatted me on the face while we were horseplaying (which I would not normally punish him for) and he looked SO remorseful that I felt terrible. I guess it's good that we are getting through to them though!

Anonymous said...

Dammit, that IS cute. I am going to ask Jack to tutor Asher. What's the going rate these days?