Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on the kitchen situation

Still waiting for doors. But today, Jesus came and took out the old doors, so now we have no bathroom door. But he hung cleanish tarps up, so there's some privacy at least. And I'm a mom, so I rarely close the bathroom door anyway.

In other news, Jesus has offered us a really good deal on having the floor redone, so we are going for it. Andrew ripped up the old floor on Sunday and now we have to walk on a small carpet-remnant pathway to avoid skewering ourselves on rusty nails. It will be worth it though, because while the old floor looked fine in the room with the grease-stained walls, it would have looked horrendous next to the shiny new walls. Jesus says he is giving us the deal because he likes us, but I think it's also because he can't stand the thought of putting all that work into new walls only to leave us with the old, cracked floor.

I admit that I am starting to get really tired of living with the refrigerator in the dining room and no stove and no counters. It's very frustrating, because if we had decided to put new doors in when we planned the remodel, Jesus would have ordered them weeks ago and we'd be done now. but I keep reminding myself that it will be so worth it in the end. If the end ever comes. Supposedly it will be 3 weeks from now.


Becca said...

Three weeks isn't long and it sounds like it is going to be awesome! Especially with the floor done too. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking JESUS is remodeling your kitchen. As in SON OF GOD. And I swear, I keep thinking, "That is AWESOME!" And then I remember, "no, it's HAYSOOS! HAYSOOS!"

Tracy said...

I'm with Maggie - even though I KNOW your contractor's name is Jesus (after all, I am married to a Cuban, and I do speak Some Spanish...), but it sounds better to think of Jesus giving you a deal because he likes you. Isn't it wonderful that He likes you too?

no bathroom door would weird me out for a bit. May that door in particular show up soonest.

Dr. Maureen said...

Trust me, every time Jesus calls me and I see "Jesus" on the caller ID, I giggle a little. And I'm extra amused because, if the original Jesus were working today, he'd be in construction.