Sunday, May 25, 2008

I don't have a baby book

Pardon me for a minute while I post a list of words Jack says along with his pronunciations. This isn’t a complete list of his vocabulary, just the words that are particularly cute and that I remember at this moment.

Mo-cycle (motorcycle)
Shogun (lotion)
So-kuh (sugar)
Dink oo (thank you)
Bah-oh ohdah (backhoe loader)
Ki-ku (cracker, which used to be go-kuh)
Sookie (Lucy)
Gace (Grace)
Beebaw (Grampa, sometimes Papa)
Gam (Gram)
Goo coos (Blue’s Clues)
Tuck (truck)
See bah (cereal bar)
Tinkle dah (Twinkle twinkle, little star, often said with increasing desperation while in the car where we keep the CD)
Banket (blanket)
New foor (new floor)
Free (three)
Foh-ah (four)
Maymo (rainbow)
Naymo (tomato)
Boobies (blueberries)
Show-guh (shovel)
Zookit (music)
Cake (cake, pronounced very slowly and clearly so there is no confusion)

I will wrap up with a story of my putting him to bed last night. We finished his stories and I put him on my shoulder to sing him his songs, as per usual. He had a few requests.

JAKC: Doo dah.
ME: Zip a dee doo dah! Zip a dee –
JACK: Baby.
ME: Go to sleepy, little baby. Go to –
JACK: Too ra.
ME: Too ra loo ra loo –
JACK: Bed.

And into bed he went.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget "Meh" his girlfriend:)

Becca said...

Get that kid an iPod! Ha, I love the rapid fire bedtime song routine. I was going to post something like this because I think it's so adorable that Charlie calls his stuffed chicken "doo doo" as in cockadoodledoo.