Saturday, May 24, 2008


A hundred years ago when we were packing away all of our kitchen stuff for the three weeks’ duration of the kitchen remodel, we noticed that we had an inordinate number of baking pans. We couldn’t do anything about it then because we packed away our kitchen stuff at the last possible second and had to have it all done that very night. There was no time to sort and choose. We swore, however, that when the time came to put the stuff away in the shiny new kitchen, we would definitely NOT keep all seven 9x13 Pyrex baking dishes, all five metal 9x13 baking pans, all eight 9-inch round cake pans and the five different muffin tins that are all different sizes and therefore do not nest inside one another.

But here is my question for you: Should we keep metal pans or glass pans? And if we keep metal pans, should we keep the coated ones? Are the coated ones really better? Because the time is fast approaching when we will have to put away all our stuff again. Get to, I mean. We will GET TO put away all our stuff again.

But first we have to have the kitchen floor refinished. Again. Man, if anyone had warned us hardwood has to be refinished every ten days, we probably would have chosen a different material.


Becca said...

I like glass pans better but metal is easier to store... maybe two of each? Isn't it funny how much STUFF you find when you clear out your kitchen? We have SIX pie plates... and I never make pie.

Anonymous said...

Oh man, can I have all the stuff you're getting rid of? I must be the only person who NEEDS MORE PANS!

I like different pans for different things. We use our 9x13 glass pans for everything, but I like to bake in the metal ones... And coating, isn't that supposed to be bad for you now or something? I don't know. This is why God gave us parchment paper.

Dr. Maureen said...

I was talking to Andrew about this today, and he thinks we should keep the one muffin pan for large muffins, but THAT IS THE MOST ANNOYING ONE OF ALL. It doesn't remotely fit with the other ones. And big muffins are bad for you anyway!

I dunno, I'm thinking of accidentally cracking it.

Swistle said...

Here's what I would keep:

one or two 9x13 glass baking dishes (I use them for casseroles, not for baked goods)

two smaller glass baking dishes (for side-dishes like scalloped potatoes....mmmmmm, scalloped potatoes)

one or two 9x13 uncoated metal pans (for cakes and brownies)

two round coated cake pans

one or two 8x8 uncoated metal pans (for cakes and brownies)

get muffin pans that nest, and get one or two 12-cup ones and one 6-cup one

Swistle said...

Just read Maggie's comment. You should have a contest to win the extra pans! Oh---except it would cost ONE MILLION DOLLARS to mail something that heavy. Never mind.