Tuesday, May 20, 2008

This is all I've got in me

It is late and I am tired. The major kitchen construction is “finished,” but it is anticlimactic because of the many niggling imperfections. The gouges in the brand new floor, for example, or the gouge in my dresser that happened when they removed or replaced the bedroom door trim, or the gouges in the bathroom door trim that was removed and put back in. There are also new gouges in the bedroom door trim but that trim was in pretty bad shape to begin with, so those gouges don't matter much.

And then of course, ahead of us likes the seemingly insurmountable task of cleaning a thick layer of plaster and sawdust off what seems like every object we own. And we own a lot of objects. A lot of small objects, with lots of cracks and crevices.

Still, we managed to wash just about every surface in the kitchen itself tonight, so tomorrow I’ll be able to put things into the kitchen as I wipe them off, and we’ll get there. I plan to clean the bathroom tomorrow and maybe even start wiping off the 800 things in the outside pantry while Jack plays with his new toy truck that I got for him today. It’s a “ba-oh-da (backhoe loader),” the caviar of trucks.


Becca said...

Ugh, I didn't even think about the cleanup! I'd love to see some pictures, though, when you are ready!

Arwen said...

Dude, I feel tired just reading about this. Here's hoping it goes quickly and easily!

Camilla has that same truck, or at least a very similar one. She loves it.

Anonymous said...

That actually sounds like fun to me. All the wiping and cleaning and reorganizing? JUST LIKE A VACATION TO ME. Further proof that I am just your other half. The less smart/more organized half.

P.S. Dave loved the binary joke. LOVED IT.