Thursday, June 12, 2008

The angels are singing

Andrew and I just finished hanging the doors. The doors are UP! There will no longer be any need to announce, "I am going to use the bathroom," in order to keep parties out of the kitchen! And I did finish the painting yesterday afternoon, and then last night, we hung 2/3 of the cabinets, completely without incident. The place looks like a room! That people live in!

It helps that today I hung the blinds and curtains, and was therefore able to remove the beach towel cum privacy screen from the window.

I'm so happy, I could cry. We still have a couple of cabinets to hang, and installing the base units and countertop is going to take forever thanks to the undulating wave that is our floor. (The counters and stove need to be level, you see, or we'll get slanty cakes.) Still, you have no idea how much easier today was with Jack after having picked up all the knives, sharp screws, drills and whatnot from the kitchen floor. I even moved his little table in there so he could watch me install the curtains, and he was thrilled.

I have a pricking in my thumbs that tells me there will be pictures next week, my friends.

Microsoft, I will restart LATER. Later, I tell you!

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Becca said...

Yay! I know that is great news, having lived for several months with a refrigerator in my living room once too. Can't wait to see it!