Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kitchen remodel what now?

I assume you are all on the edges of your seats, desperate to see pictures of my newly finished kitchen. And trust me, I would LOVE to show them to you. Unfortunately, we are in some sort of endless loop of hanging and rehanging cabinets and I firmly believe the kitchen is not going to be finished before I die.

Why do we have to rehang the cabinets you ask? Well, because of the stupid microwave vent. All the cabinets have to be exactly right or the microwave won't fit over the vent. Andrew hung the first cabinets on Saturday, but then we realized he made a very uncharacteristic measuring mistake, so we had to rehang them. And then we realized that the vent was originally placed according to the height of the old floor, and the new floor is an inch higher. So we had to start over again. It was awesome.

You know what else? I put the second coat on the trim last night while Andrew was busy cursing the microwave and its vent to an eternity in hell, and guess what happened! The painter's tape ripped off huge chunks of the wall paint, because the wall paint, it turns out, was not quite dry even though it had been on the walls for about 72 hours. Stupid humidity. So now we have large patches we have to touch up.

We are close to finishing. So very, very close. But there are still a million things to do, all of which are difficult to complete whilst toddler-wrangling. And then, when we're done, we're going to have to paint the inside pantry, the thought of which makes me want to weep.

But the good news is that the trim in the pantry will be done already. Painting the trim is only slightly worse than painting porch railings. There are just so many surfaces! One of the corners in the kitchen has three door jambs, and that is approximately 32891 square feet of surface area. So you paint and paint and paint but never get to move. The trim in old houses would be an excellent substrate for catalysis, is what I'm saying. (That there is an extraordinarily nerdy chemistry joke. It's also a terrible chemistry joke, so don't worry about it.)

But Jack is currently napping, so I am going to go finish the stupid trim once and for all, and then fold laundry. My life is a neverending thrill ride, I know.


Becca said...

Ha! Painting stinks! But it will be so worth it. I can't wait to see how it comes out!

Anonymous said...


You're going to have to explain to me how you get Jack to take a nap at 10:30 in the morning. What are you, MAGIC?