Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A few things I have learned about the "Mom" version of myself:

1. Unlike the childless, tiny-pursed me, the "Mom" version of me carries a big ol' honkin' bag. But I get them for less than $7, so any sting is removed when I get to say, "Thanks! It was only $6!" in response to compliments. Also, aside from my wallet and a diaper or two, my purse is full of toys, so it's generally more fun than the little one. I was once rooting through it looking for my sunglasses and commentating on the contents for my friend's benefit. "There's a one, there's a seven," I said. She was confused, because she thought I meant money. "No, an actual 1 and a 7," I told her, and held up some foam puzzle pieces that Jack likes to carry around. And finally, a large purse that costs $6 is a heck of a lot lighter than a small purse that costs $110. I think it's because the $6 one might not be made of leather.

2. I am the mom at playgroup whose kid has a dirty face, food-stained mis-matched clothes, and no snacks. Fortunately, my playgroup is forgiving. (I mean forgiving of the snack thing; I'm sure they don't give a damn about the dirty face.) In my defense, I often don't bring snacks on purpose because playgroup tends to meet close to supper time, but sometimes I just forget. Also, I do wash his face. Really! He just gets dirty SO FAST. I am 100% reconciled to food-stained clothes though, because he's one. He spills stuff.

3. I am not above teaching my child things for my own selfish amusement. Jack knows what zombies say, ("Braaaaiiiinnns!") and what to do when I say, "Wonder Twins Power, Activate!"

4. I believe it's never too early to get kids interested in current events.

Oh! Hey! some of my new kitchen is included in that shot! Which reminds me: I owe you a real picture! I will get on that pronto. The main kitchen is essentially done and is good enough for a picture. We're going to start painting the inside pantry this Saturday, because we refuse to lose momentum.


Becca said...

1. Yes.
2. Yes!!!! Why do kids need access to snacks at every single second of the day? This has always confused me. Also, Charlie attracts dirt and food stains like a Swiffer cloth. It's a force that cannot be stopped.
3. Of course! You should see Charlie's response to "How strong are you?" Scary growl, clenched fists. Hysterical.
4. Haha, I love the way he's even drinking coffee!

Amanda said...

I think the picture is so cute!