Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Oh, right. Pictures.

So now that the kitchen is finished, I can stop blogging about it and never bring the subject up again! What? Oh, you wanted to see pictures! Right.

Well first let’s recall the disaster that was the old kitchen:




Dudes, I FORGOT how awful that was! Look at the wall above the stove!


And also look at how the crockpot is out because the day I took these pictures, which was the day before we started this ordeal, I made a nourishing pot of piping hot lentil soup to warm us all up on that COLD WINTER DAY. And now it is July. And you know what else? When I said up there that the kitchen was finished, I totally lied. It’s not finished. We are still chipping away at painting the pantry cabinets, we haven’t yet purchased the drawer hardware, and yesterday Jack pulled one of the freshly painted kitchen drawer fronts CLEAN OFF THE DRAWER.

But! Andrew took the after pictures before that happened! So ignore the lack of drawer hardware, and behold the wonder and the glory that is our new kitchen!

[angels singing]




Isn’t it beautiful? (The colors, if you are interested, are Benjamin Moore Polaris Blue, Provence Crème, and Super White.) And look how clean! See, part of the reason these pictures were so long in coming is that we’ve been having trouble keeping the clutter down to a reasonable level in there, and I obviously didn’t want to take after pictures in which the counter top was not visible through the layer of crap. So Andrew cleaned up in the time-honored tradition of hiding all the junk in the dining room, so rest assured, the countertop has returned to its normal state of hiding.

But that’s OK, because we don’t really like the white countertops that much. If money were no object, we probably would have bought recycled glass countertops, but, you know, if beggars wished for horses, they’d ride away. Or something. Still, our original plan was to get a better color of Formica, and there’s a whole long involved story about how we ended up with white. It goes: Blah blah blah, white was cheap. The end.

I’m not showing you a picture of the inside pantry, because, as I said, it’s not done. But almost! We are about halfway done with painting the cabinets, and then the only major thing left will be the linen closet door, but no one cares about the linen closet door. Especially you. I will not therefore show you after picture of it after I paint it, currently scheduled for sometime in June of 2012.

I am going to end with the following, completely unrelated Jack tidbit: Today, Jack hit a major, and I mean MAJOR milestone. He has learned to blow his nose. Talk about singing angels.


AJU5's Mom said...

Your kitchen looks nice!

Tracy said...

It's so fresh and lovely!

you've given me the bug though - we have PLANS. Whether or not I have the time/energy to implement said plans remains to be seen.

Becca said...

WOW!!!!!! I adore your kitchen! I am awed by your vision...not everyone could see past the crazy grease stains behind the stove to that beautiful, magazine cover-worthy kitchen! The colors are wonderful. It is so cozy and warm! Well worth all the effort, I would say.

Anonymous said...

Two very big congratulations today! The first for the completion of your lovely kitchen and the second for Jack learning to blow his nose. I cannot wait for my daughter to learn to do that!

Chraycee said...

Don't you love Benjamin Moore paint? I managed a Ben Moore signature store for 10 years. Your kitchen looks faaahhbulous.

Anonymous said...

wait...where's the sink? did i miss something??


Dr. Maureen said...

Oh, right, the sink is in the "inside pantry". My kitchen is weird that way.