Monday, August 4, 2008

Old houses

Old houses have their charms like built-ins, the fancy moldings, the old, quality hardwoods, etc. But old houses have their problems as well, such as incredibly outdated kitchens and bathrooms. That and creaky floors and doors.

This is what it sounds like when I make my nightly check on Jack before I go to bed:

Walk to Jack's door: Crrr-rr-rr-eeeeeeaak. Creak. Creeeeeak.

Pause, listen for startled-child sounds. Grasp doorknob. Hold breath. Open the door: SNAP! POP! Crrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk squeak squeak POP SNAP CRUNCH creeeeeeeeaaaaak!

Seriously, it sounds like a novelty Halloween album in here. And yet, somehow, he sleeps through it.


Note: We have only one built-in and the "quality" hardwood is a generous description.


Becca said...

We looked at an apartment in Cambridge where the entire building sounded like that. I know exactly what you mean.

Anonymous said...

OMG-I know exactly what you are talking about! I have the same problem...I turn the knob (grinding noise), wait, push the door partly open...pop, bang, squeak, wait, then walk in...I don't check in every night for that reason. In fact, we have a video monitor for the reason!

Anonymous said...

Our house was built in 1938 and has all hardwood floors. I've marked out a path from our room into my daughter's room that avoids all the creaks and crunches. I've gotten pretty good at getting in there quietly to check on her without her waking up. Her dad, on the other hand, can't avoid a creak to save his life. I promise he has the noisiest step of anyone I've ever met!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only person in the world who doesn't EVER check on their kid before they go to bed? That's what monitors are for! And exactly why OUR monitor has been running nonstop, 24/7 for almost TWO YEARS now and is also why it doesn't work very well and I need to replace it.