Monday, September 29, 2008

The salt

Some of you noticed something… unusual about our spice cabinet.


What? Is three pounds of salt a lot? It’s just that we’re setting it aside in case salt ever returns to its roots as a salary base.

Thank you! I’ll be here all week!

No, the truth is that, while three pounds of salt suggests that Andrew and I have incredibly high blood pressure, we actually eat very little salt. You see, we both brought salt to the marriage. He had salt. I had salt. We got married and had two salts. Why throw away perfectly good salt? And then this summer, we bought a farm share and Andrew got all gung ho about making pickles which apparently require uniodized salt. So we’re pretty much set for salt is what I’m saying.

But you know how salt is one of those things you never buy because a pound of salt is basically an infinite supply? So the first time you move into your own apartment, you reach for the salt and it’s not there? When Andrew moved into his first solo apartment after grad school, he emailed me to complain about the outrageous price of salt. “What are you talking about?” I typed back. “It’s, like, fifty cents a pound!”

“Well at my store it’s six dollars a pound,” he replied, to my disbelieving eyes. When I finally made it up there to visit him, I found a tiny box of Kosher sea salt in his pantry. Uniodized.


Christy said...

In your defense, I have 3 pounds of salt in my pantry too. That's because I had one pound that my mother saw when she was visiting and noted that I don't use the 'right brand' So when she got home, she had my Aunt mail me 2 pounds. So even though it didn't cost me anything, I might have Andrew beat for most expensive salt, since mine was special ordered by the case and shipped to my aunt, then shipped to me. At least now I won't have to buy salt for the rest of my natural life.

AJU5's Mom said...

I made the mistake of buying a Costco supply of salt. The biggest problem is that we ended up opening two of the containers. Luckily, I have never heard of salting going bad...

Swistle said...

Ha! Six dollars a pound!

We have one large box of Kosher salt that I use for Salt Brownies and Salt Caramels, and then we have a regular salt. I always get the BRAND, because it's, like, 50 cents versus 33 cents.