Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is not really a solution

I just went into the bathroom to throw in a load of laundry and was confronted with a pair of Jack's shorts that I inadvertently washed with a red crayon in the pocket about three weeks ago. The rest of the load was miraculously unstained, but the interior of his pocket is kind of messed up. I have dealt with this by carefully turning the pocket inside out and leaving the shorts on top of the dryer in the hopes that the laundry fairies will take care of it. They have not.


Tracy said...

Is this where I admit to a similar hope, where a certain top has been sitting on the dryer for a couple of weeks. (not from red crayon, but from a sticker being left on a shirt...)?

Where are those laundry fairies anyway?

Salome Ellen said...

Hi, it's your friendly neighborhood laundry fairy -- For the shorts: STUFF the pocket with absorbent white stuff (cotton rags are best, but paper towels will do) and cycle through the dryer as hot as the shorts will stand, replacing stuffing as it gets stained, until most of the crayon has soaked into the stuffing. For the top-with-sticker; try hairspray, the old-fashioned AquaNet kind, rewash, rub and repeat without drying until it's gone!

(OK, I'm not really the laundry fairy, I just raised six kids who were hard on their clothes ;-D )