Monday, January 12, 2009

Duvet: Done

(Apologies to anyone who is NOT interested in the minute-by-minute update of my bedroom redecorating project. So... apologies to everyone then.)

There is a boring background story to this outcome that involves me endlessly surfing the internet and trawling discount home stores trying to find a duvet cover and/or curtains that would complement purple walls while also fulfilling my long list of other criteria. It ends with me dithering awhile between a purplish grey leaf patterned one from Target and a brownish goldish... uh... leaf patterned one from West Elm. But once I realized that the one from Target actually cost more because it requires new sheets, I went ahead and ordered the gold one.

So now the question is: What the heck color am I supposed to paint my walls now? I'm still holding out a secret hope that there is a purple that will go, but I think I may be kidding myself.

(Jack is right now giving me a running commentary about how he is using the hair dryer to dry his hair. With the hair dryer. Which he is using to dry his hair. He is going to push the bundt (that is how he says "button") and use the hair dryer.To dry his hair. Doo doo doo doo doo.)


Bethtastic said...

That's beautiful! The leaf pattern is so striking - love it.

I like monochormatic palette in bedrooms. So, I have to vote for a gold-ish color on the walls. I actually really like the treatment in the picture at the West Elm site. Have you considered something like that?

Gold-ish walls. That's what I would do. However...

If you want something that's very different becasue you're into more color, I also think a shade of sagey green would look lovely. Or for sometihng darker, perhaps a merlot color. Not quite purple, but in a similar family of colors.

My two cents :)!

Happy redecorating!!

Anonymous said...

Dude. Purple and Gold are the colors of my alma mater. They go FANTASTICALLY WELL. Paint on!

Salome Ellen said...

I agree with Maggie -- purple and gold go GREAT! (Actually, any loyalties aside, go look at a color wheel -- complimentary colors!) Just make sure you have the comforter available for getting the right shade (should probably lean toward bluish purple, since the gold seems to lean toward orangey gold-- but I can't really tell from my monitor. But if you want purple you can have purple!