Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Aren’t fetusus really small?

Hey, folks. My latest post is up at The Bump!

Because I thought they were supposed to be small. I’m 31.5 weeks, so my fetus is only about 3.3 pounds, or so I’m told. AND YET. I think I am being squashed to death from the inside out. So either my particular fetus is larger than the average fetus, by, say, four or five pounds, or else she has eschewed the traditional “fetal position” in favor of the more unorthodox “spread-eagle” position. I have no other explanation, because one tiny coiled up bundle of 3.3 pounds could not possibly be responsible for the unbelievable pressure I’m experiencing. It’s like she’s doing isometric exercises in there. Always with the pushing! I think she’s using my diaphragm for resistance training.


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