Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

I’d like to take a minute to ask you all to keep the families of Thalon and Maddie in your prayers. I’m not a reader of these blogs so Shana and Heather are strangers to me, but my heart aches for them just the same.

It appears that yesterday was Easter.


I know. I KNOW. Baby boys get the short shrift for most of the cute outfits, but they have an edge on the girls when it comes to fancy-pants clothes. The boys’ dress clothes, you see, are just tiny versions of adult clothes, whereas the girls’ dress clothes, while adorable, are clearly made for little girls. And who doesn’t love tiny versions of things?

I should probably also post this, since it is photo documentation of the blind stupidity of Andrew and me:


That there is Jack eating the first of his “yem-ems.” Throughout the day, Jack followed that up with so much candy and treats that I am too embarrassed to list them here. Suffice it to say that next year, there will be a bit more parental monitoring of the chocolate intake since this is the outfit he came home from my sister’s in, and it’s not because someone spilled food on him:


But aside from the, uh, incident, we all had a good holiday. I did not get to attend all of the Triduum services (Holy Thursday mass, Good Friday service, Easter Vigil on Saturday night), but I did go to the Vigil while Andrew stayed home with a sleeping Jack. This was nice, because I’ve been faithfully attending choir practice all through Lent, and it would have been very disappointing to miss out on singing every piece we worked on.

Then, because I am extra extra holy*, I also went to the 9:00 mass on Sunday with Andrew and Jack because Andrew was lectoring. I sing with the choir most Sundays, so Andrew is usually the one to sit with Jack during Mass, and he keeps him on a tight leash. I, on the other hand, spent the last mass that Andrew lectored threatening Jack with a variety of consequences if he didn’t sit down and behave himself. Happily, Jack was much more malleable yesterday. Our biggest issue was that he did not want to share the pew with the woman who came in after us, and he was not afraid to let everyone around us know his feelings on the subject.

I ate enough Easter candy myself to cause quite a little party in my uterus. The kicks! The rolls! The punches! It was quite a sight to behold. (For any of you pregnancy neophytes out there, yes, you can see the baby moving. This completely blew my mind when I was pregnant with Jack. And it should have! Because it is SO WEIRD.) Even Andrew was impressed, and he usually misses the action because the baby knows when he is looking. This time, I guess she was just too hyped up on sugar to stop.

And oh, yeah, this was me last Wednesday, at 30 weeks. I know I’m late, but have you ever noticed how incredibly difficult it is to upload photos? You have to connect things, and resize and click buttons to upload. It’s draining.

30 weeks

*In the interest of full disclosure, I’d like to confess that I gave up reading fiction for Lent with the plan of replacing the fiction with spiritual and/or educational reading about Catholicism. What actually happened is that I replaced the fiction largely with more television and internet surfing, so… not quite the broadening experience I was going for.


Jenny Grace said...

Gabriel calls them nemmynems.

Becca said...

Your Lent footnote cracked me up! You look awesome! I love Jack's little suit. So cute. We live in casual town so my boys wore khakis. Charlie stole multiple Peeps off the table when he thought I wasn't looking. I am surprised we didn't have any problems! :)

Anonymous said...

Could Jack look any cuter in that outfit? I don't think so!

nicole said...

I have totally made the same Lenten commitment with similar results.