Tuesday, February 16, 2010

About fifty million things

We’ve been busy around here lately. Not in a good way, more in a throwing up way. I’ve been writing blog posts in my head, though, and I’m going to bullet-point some of the topics now, seven quick takes style.

- Jack’s preschool Valentine’s Day party was on Friday, and when I picked him up there was a sign up by the cubbies that said “Love Is…” and the teacher filled in what the kids said. Jack’s? “Love is strawberries.”

- A week or so ago, Jack and I made a construction-paper heart and glued pom poms all over it. My plan was to hang this on the front door because our Christmas wreath is getting to be pretty sad, but Jack insisted upon giving it to his friend Madeleine from school. And he remembered a week later.

- I have figured out that Nora is not asking for milk twenty-four hours a day. No, she is asking for milk twelve hours a day and waving the other twelve. She’s also trying to say “Hi,” and sometimes says “Haaahh Dahhhh” for “Hi, Daddy.” And then we fall over dead from the adorableness.

- Speaking of signing for milk, though, last Thursday morning, after all the throwing up, Andrew handed Nora to me and I could feel her signing for milk as we got into position. “Milk milk milk milk milk milkmilkmilkmilkmmmmmmmm,” she said.

- Few things are cuter than a baby eating Rice Krispies.

- Nora can’t crawl yet, but she manages to move around in the kitchen, amoeba-like. It’s bizarre, because if you watch her she appears to be sitting still, but then she’s in a different spot. Two days ago, I was in the dining room doing important, important things (emailing), and I heard her moving the kitchen chair. I ran in to witness it, and saw she had pulled it into a position more suitable for chewing on the crossbar. After I returned to the dining room to continue doing my important, important things, I heard her crying, but I finished my important, important things before going to see what the problem was. I had assumed she was just ready for dinner but I found her trapped under the chair. It seems she moves about in the kitchen by pushing with her hands and skooching around, bottom first and she had backed herself under the chair and couldn’t get out because she can’t move forwards. Oops.

- When you are up many times in the night throwing up, the next day you might fall asleep like this:


Doesn’t your neck hurt just looking at that picture?

- For my birthday, my mom gave me a new pet:


- If you think I’m going to write about how Nora’s sleeping is going, you be crazy.



Annie said...

Oh my gosh if sleeping Jack isn't The Cute, I don't know what is. Tonight Christopher was so tired that it honestly only took him about 3 minutes from the time he climbed onto my bed until the minute he fell asleep. Sitting up. Waiting for me to turn on Max and Ruby. For a mommy who's flying solo tonight that was the Best Thing Ever.

I, too, think that love is strawberries.

Tracy said...

He's right. Love IS strawberries.

No more sickness - hope you are all feeling much better and stay feeling better.

Becca said...

One time I heard Charlie crying but finished something up real quick then walked to the kitchen to find him on his back on the floor trapped under our trashcan. Heh.

Hope you guys get some sleep soon!

Swistle said...

Oh, the sad and obvious meaning of a large plastic bowl on the couch.

Heather R said...

I thought the same thing as Swistle when I saw the bowl. I laughed out loud about Nora as an amoeba.