Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Baby signing

Nora can make the sign for "milk" now. She's understood it for weeks, but has recently flapped her little fingers together enough times that I am certain it is not a fluke and she is asking to nurse. The thing is, sometimes I can't nurse her immediately because I am currently, say, changing her diaper or carrying her besnowsuited little self to the car.

Few things are as pathetic as a sad-faced little baby making a plaintive sign for "milk."

Edited to add: The OTHER reason I can't necessarily acquiesce immediately to her request is that she asks to nurse ALL THE LIVELONG DAY.


Manda said...

Ohh! That is so sweet! My daughter can VIOLENTLY sign for MORE when she wants food. It's her fave. Oh my. She's very emphatic. Wonder who she gets THAT from? :)

Carmen said...

Awww, adorable. And yes, pathetic when used at an inopportune moment.

As I mentioned on Twitter recently, my 16 month old daughter brought me the blanket that I wrap her in when we nurse, signed "sleepy" and nodded vigorously when I asked if it were bedtime. It was more than 1 hr before her normal bedtime. That's rather pathetic too - a sleepy baby politely asking that someone notice her and put her to bed.

Heather R said...

oh, how cute!!! Sawyer has learned the sign for all done, but we are usually in the dark when I nurse him so we haven't worked on the milk sign. That does create a sad image in my mind though...Nora asking for milk when she can't have it.