Friday, April 2, 2010

For documentation purposes

For the past few days, Jack has been going about town with two imaginary crocodiles. They are his pets. I think he got the idea from Dora, Dora and Boots often have to cross Crocodile Lake, and crocodiles have been chasing US for a few weeks now, usually on our way to and from the car. And then sometimes they turned out to be NICE crocodiles and would be invited for lunch or what have you, and then on Wednesday they started to get buckled into the car and were granted names. Baby and Bopie. On Thursday, we discovered that Baby is going to have a baby! In a few weeks! Or days! The timeline seemed to shift! Today I was informed that Baby is going to have her baby TODAY, but that she does not have to go to the hopsital [sic] because she is a crocodile.

It's all pretty adorable, I just wish I didn't ALWAYS have to do the talking for the crocodiles. "Mom, make the crocodiles say, 'What are you doing, Jack?'" etc.

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