Thursday, April 15, 2010

Their marketing power alone is enough to scare me

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A weird side-effect of preschool is the way Jack learns things that I don’t teach him. Wait, it sounds wrong to call that a side-effect – “He’s learning things! At school! How strange!” – but I’m talking about pop culture, like the way he joyously identified and selected the Mickey Mouse underpants when we went to Target to replenish his stock despite our never having exposed him to anything Mickey-related in any way. Now, it’s not that I’m opposed to Disney, exactly, but sometimes Disney does seem a bit… Big Brother-y to me, and I was fine with postponing the inevitable for as long as possible. Which, as it turns out, is about three and a half years.

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april said...

I tried feverishly not to expose my son to Barney, but he's two and he's obsessed. Like will ask for it as soon as he comes home and will not relent until he's watched two episodes, even though there are the same 4 episodes on demand all the time so he's seem them way too many times.