Monday, November 22, 2010

Thankful tree, take 2

I thoroughly enjoyed making the thankful tree last year, so today we did it again. I had to, it is on the list of "Monday chores" for getting ready to host Thanksgiving this week.

I now present to you Jack's list of things he is thankful for, in the order he mentioned them:

1. my scooter
2. food
3. chicken [Technically, items 2. and 3. were presented as "food and chicken and stuff." -ed.]
4. shows [A repeat item! What can I say, the kid loves TV.]
5. Mommy [Daddy didn't make the cut, but don't feel bad, because he's the thing Jack is thankful for at school.]
6. apples
7. my bed
8. fishing [Note: he has never been fishing.]
9. my helmet
10. our house
11. my family
12. the color yellow
13. corn on the cob

For contrast, here is my list, which I made in order to subtly suggest to him things that might be good to put on the tree:

1. the dishwasher
2. our house
3. Jack
4. Nora
5. Daddy
6. clothes
7. the internet [What? I'm also putting on things I'm actually thankful for, after all.]
8. my bed
9. pancakes
10. Grammy and Papa
11. clementines

I also made a list on Nora's behalf. It includes one item.
1. my baby

Andrew made his list when he got home:
1. gum
2. superbowl parties
3. the Merritt parkway

Now Andrew's list needs a bit of explanation. First, Jack requested that he put on gum. I think because Jack is planning to buy gum for Andrew's birthday present, and he wanted to be sure he really does like it. "Well, I guess I am thankful for gum," conceded Andrew. As for the other two, well, Andrew and I met at a superbowl party and got engaged on the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut on the way back to grad school/ his job.

Excuse me, I have something in my eye.


Maggie said...

Tears! Sniff!

I may have to try this tomorrow. We'll see.

Jessica said...

Aww. I love Andrew's list.

-R- said...

Awwwww. All the lists are sweet!

Krizzzz said...

OK, I'm glad you posted that explanation, because I was all, "I don't know a single soul who's grateful for the Merritt Parkway." But now I do. =)

You would have loved the trees at James's daycare. The kids included the standard set: parents, siblings, etc. Then some of them added stuff.

"Mommy. Daddy. Baby Brother. Fido. Mashed potatoes."

There were several in that ilk (chicken, pasta...). The teacher laughed her head off as she was helping the kids put them together.

Anonymous said...

alloupwAha! I knew why the Merritt Parkway...Can you beleve I remembered that? I did have to think tho.
I'm thankful to have made a list or two. Thank you.
Love, from your anonymous Mom

Elizabeth said...

Ah, I loved this. I read it out loud to Erik even.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Pretty cute!!

Kathryn (from 5pm choir) said...

I love the lists and I love reading your blog. :)