Sunday, February 6, 2011

Giveaway winners

As expected, those of you who wanted a cookbook had excellent odds. The only one of you out of luck is Jessica, because Jessica is the only one who wants something someone else wants, and Heather R wins because I can just hand it to her when I give her back the big bag of toddler pajamas the next time I see her. Sorry, Jessica! My laziness is your loss.

So here are the winners:
Diane: place mat
Tracy: Fix It and Forget It
Bailey: Kitchen Survival Guide
Heather R: Biggest Book of Cookies
Swistle: All of the rest of the cookbooks

Winners, send me your addresses! Swistle, I already have your address, so look for a very large package stuffed with cookbooks to arrive any day now.


Diane said...

Thank you, Maureen! Isla will get to making a giant mess on that immediately.

Swistle said...

Wait, I am pretty sure I specifically did NOT win cookbooks. Perhaps Jessica could win the cookbooks I didn't win?

Bailey said...

Woo hoo! Cooking basics, here I come. I shall make a celebratory, I don't know, meatloaf or something. In your honor!

(There is a recipe for meatloaf in there, right? Like, an easy one?)

Tracy said...

thank you Maureen - I am looking forward to the cookbook!

Jessica said...

No problem at all! My husband would have been pretty annoyed to see a cookbook arrive in the mail, since I have a bunch I never use (including one devoted to cookies). I really don't need another.