Monday, February 14, 2011

Music class

I signed up Nora and me for a music class a few weeks ago. It's a really expensive music class, as these things go, but Nora needed a thing. Jack has lots of things: school, gymnastics... OK, just school and gymnastics. But when Jack was Nora's age, I could take him to the library's music program for toddlers and he was allowed to participate unencumbered by a four-year-old determined to co-opt his mother's lap and attention. So I signed up for a Saturday morning music class and it's just for the two of us.

We've been to about four classes so far and listened to the accompanying CD many, many, MANY times. She remains absolutely silent during the classes themselves, but I think something is sinking in.

Nora sings "Jack in the box" from Maureen on Vimeo.

Really. She makes not a peep during class.


Annie said...

Music Together! Yay! "I'm Freezing" is one of our FAVORITES. I had Chris in the class before Jake was born, and actually we only did half of that particular session because I had to go and have that baby. But we had so much fun there - perhaps I can get Jake and Nate in at some point. Or maybe Nate once J is in preschool. Anyway - enough of me talking to myself! Nora is ADORABLE and I loved this!!

Heather R said...

Very cute!!!!

Bailey said...

Oy, I die. The cuteness of her little face peeking out!